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What is Cadet Programs Conference?

Cadet Programs Conference (CPC) offers an exciting 3 1/2-day experience designed for cadets, featuring enriching activities and educational opportunities. Mornings commence with General Assemblies, blending informative briefings with keynote addresses from Civil Air Patrol leadership, providing cadets insights into opportunities at wing, region, and national levels. Educational Seminars form the heart of CPC, offering over 50+ options spanning career spotlights, STEM, aviation, business, leadership, electives, trades and more. These sessions empower cadets to explore diverse interests and aspirations, from hands-on workshops to specialized trainings. The Activities Career Expo (ACE) has evolved into a networking opportunity, showcasing college options, scholarships, and career pathways beyond high school, fostering individual inspiration, camaraderie and knowledge exchange. Following ACE, cadets can immerse themselves in the excitement of the California Cadet Fair (CCF), featuring a carnival atmosphere with attractions, games, entertainment, food and snacks. The fair also boasts top-rate live entertainment ensuring an unforgettable experience. Past performers include the USAF Rock Band "Mobility," California National Guard Rock Band, and internationally acclaimed DJ Sparx. Additionally, thrill-seekers can soar through the air on an exhilarating mountain zipline. The banquet, CPC's pinnacle event, honors cadet achievements amidst an aura of sophistication, complemented by inspiring guest speakers. CPC not only enriches cadets' knowledge but also fosters connections, nurturing personal growth and strengthening bonds within the California Wing.

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