Most Common Facts & Questions

Check-In / Friday


What time is Check-In? 

Check-In Opens at 5pm.


Can I Arrive Earlier than Check-In Time?

Yes you can, although you will be asked to stay within a waiting area until the official start time for check in. If you arrive early, you may be asked to help with various setup tasks. 


What is the latest I can check in?

Officially, check in closes at 11pm, although staff will not close up the office until the last person arrives. If you plan on arriving after 11, please contact the CPC Information Line while enroute to update them on your ETA. 


Who do I call if I have questions on Friday, need directions or need to update my time of arrival? 

From Friday through Monday, Cadet Programs Conference will be using an information hotline. Any communication with the event should be done through that phone number (805) 215-5629. The number will be monitored 24 hours a day during the event, but will only be available during the event. If you need questions answered prior to Friday, use the Contact Us page. 







Where am I sleeping?

Females will be sleeping in the standard barracks all are accustomed to. Males will have housed in barracks and a campground. We have 120 male barracks for male cadets. Once they are all reserved, the remaining male cadets will be issued tents and housed on the base campground. All of this is managed using the online registration system. A showerhouse and restrooms are located at this campground in addition to a coat closet for uniforms. 


Why are some males sleeping in tents this year?

This year due to other organizations including the US Army needing facilities on base, we are restricted on availability of billeting. In an effort to not restrict CPC capacities, we were able to secure the campground for our use. Although not ideal, it's better than turning cadets away. 


If I would prefer to stay in the campground even though the barracks are still available, is that allowed?

Yes! If you wish to camp out, you are more than welcome to select that option when registering. 


Am I allowed to bring my own tent? 

Yes! If you would like to bring your own tent you may do so. If you decide to do this, please make sure you select for that option during the registration process. If you have already registered for a bed and you decide later on to bring a tent, please use the Contact Us page and contact the registration coordinator. If you select to bring your own tent, CPC will not hold a tent or bed for you. It is your responsiblity to contact CPC if you are no longer able to bring one.


Can I stay in a fellow cadets tent that he is bringing?

Yes! Please make sure you select this option during registration. If you have already registered for a bed or tent and need to change your selection, you must contact the registration coordinator ASAP using the Contact Us page. Remember, if you select to stay in a friends tent, CPC will not hold a tent or bed for you. It is your responsibility to contact CPC if you are no longer able to share a tent with someone and need to find billeting space. 


If I am a male cadet sleeping in a tent, what should I bring?

Please make sure you read the Camping Notice listed on the accepted members module. It has a list of very important additional packing items. As it will be cold overnight, warm clothing, blankets and sleeping bags are very important. 


What if I forget to bring my sleeping bag or other important items to the event?

It is extremely important you do not forget to bring your necessary items. The event is unable to provide extra equipment, therefore if we must purchase these items we may have to bill the member for the extra expenses.






What is the uniform during the weekend?

The Uniform for Saturday and Sunday will be ABU/BDUs. Friday cadets are to arrive in civilian attire as uniforms will not be worn until the following morning. The Sunday banquet will be formal attire: males in military blues and females are encouraged to wear appropriate formal attire. 


What if I am new and don't have a uniform? 

Try and work with your squadron to square away a uniform prior to the event. If you have the BDU/ABU but are unable to obtain blues, appropriate civilian formal attire is acceptable. If a uniform is unobtainable, see below. 


What if I am unable to obtain a uniform prior to the activity?

If you have exhausted all options are are unable to obtain the ABU/BDU uniform, please contact the Project Officer using the Contact Us page. Specific civilian attire can be approved on a case by case basis. Generally, if an exception is granted, a black tshirt and non-ripped jeans will be worn.


I am a cadet at a military service academy or approved ROTC program. Can I wear my utility uniform or formal uniform at CPC? 

While CPC respects your affiliation with an academy, this is a Civil Air Patrol function. If able, a CAP uniform should be worn during the day. The exception to this is at the Banquet. CPC will approve any formal or semiformal unifrom that is approved for wear by the academy. Any exceptions to this must be made in writing by the Project Officer. 


I am a member of an outside organization such as JROTC, Private Military Academy or University. Can I wear my organizations uniform at CPC?

These situations are on a case by case basis. Contact the project officer for permission. 






What is the uniform for the banquet?

The uniform for the banquet is class A, B or C blues. Senior members may wear Mess Dress. If you do not have blues, formal civilian attire is acceptable, though an effort should be made to try and obtain blues first. Although females are welcome to wear blues, females are encouraged to wear an appropriate formal civilian attire. 


Can I bring a guest to the banquet?

Yes. A limited amount of banquet only guests will be permitted. All guests must be registered in advance. These individuals are not required to be CAP members. Banquet only guests must register using the process. 




Registration Information


Are refunds available if I need to cancel?

Refunds are available during specific circumstances. There are strict guidelines involved with refunds, so please make sure you read the refund policy on the accepted members module. 


My refund request complies with the policy. What next?

Go to the accepted members module and click on the request a refund page. Complete the form and a finance officer will contact you. 




General Info:


Are cell phones, cameras and electronics allowed? Will I be able to charge them?

Yes. We do not have any restrictions on possession of cell phones, cameras or personal electronics. Cadets are to refrain from using cell phones and cameras during classes and when walking to/from classes, but are free to use them on breaks and personal time. Cadets staying in the barracks will have access to power outlets. Cadets staying in the tent areas will have limited use of electricity. 


What time will we be done on Monday?

Check out time is at 10:30am. All cadets must be off base by 12:00pm (noon). Please plan accordingly. 



What should I do if my parents need to contact me over the weekend?

Please direct them to call the CPC Information Line at (805) 215-5629

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